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Our cannabinoid extracts, made from selected Canadian cannabis and formulated to the highest industry standards, are available in a variety of formulations.

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Our scientific know-how

An expertise based on more than 25 years of experience in the field of extraction and purification for the pharmaceutical industry.

Purity and precision

To extract the cannabinoids, we use the cold ethanol extraction technique, which allows us to obtain a high level of purity and quality of the extracted substance.

Balance and consistency

Our range of medical products is offered in different concentrations of cannabinoids in order to provide the right care for each patient. You will find the same levels in each of our products.

Cleanliness and safety

For us, safety and production quality are at the heart of our protocols. In our highly secure facilities, nothing is left to chance, and each step is meticulously controlled.

  • Our compassionate programs

  • Our veterans assistance program

    We care for Canadian veterans with an assistance program that makes it easier to access medical cannabis. Contact us for more information.

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  • Our various compassionate programs

    We offer different compassionate programs for different groups to make it easier to access medical cannabis. Contact us for more information.

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