Lipicream 250 mg CBD // 250 mg CBG

  • Creams / Neutral
  • 90 g
  • CBD250 mg CBG: 250 mg
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The deep moisturizing cream

OOVIE Lipicream is a cream with light texture, allowing a fast absorption. Thanks to its fluidity, there is no need to massage for a long time, which avoids additional irritation. The combined action of CBD and CBG, could help you with your skin problems. Soothing for the skin, non viscous and without perfume, OOVIE lipicream leaves skin soft and comforted from sensitivities. Its light and ultra fluid texture leaves no white streaks on skin and help to penetrates very fast. OOVIE, our expertise ensures a consistent experience.
  • Light texture and fast absorpotion

  • Fragance free

  • Available only in Ontario!

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